July 30, 2017

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May 29, 2017

What's in June Holiday!!!!

TnC applys: http://beautify-nails.blogspot.sg/p/promotion.html?m=1

when was the last time you remembered Beautify nails had a Promotion? 

To be serious i myself can't remember too:( sorry for such a lag of updates because of my wedding preparations in 2016 and renovations of house in 2017 and of cos the Moving of stuffs to the new place in MAY!! To be frank, I'm still at the mist of dolling up the NAIL ROOM, slowly making things in place to perfect them in all means to fit you just right and comfortable! They are already 70% ready😇 Thanks to those who helped and advise me along the way hahaha... they turned out pretty fine:) 

Heres a promotion i had set just for you! A welcoming long awaited promo!

Why did i choice to set it in June of all months? 
*because its june holiday season & everyone seems to go holiday, and also 
its Great Singapore sales right! 
I hope you all would enjoy this promo🤘🏻

Thankyou and hope to hear from u in abit....

xoxo beautify nails💋

We have moved to New location 1May 2017

Hello to all my long time customers and also the new ones that i've just met! Beautify Nails Have been located at bukitPanjang for 7Years! Thanks to my Parents whom supported and allowing me to use the place!

For those who watched me and supported me throughout those years here, my families, friends and All my customers , cant do it without you really...... so grateful to all of you individually, most of you watched me grow and learn so much more along the way! As i watched you all grow too, and get married and have your kids hahaha.... I always felt connected to most of you as you all taught me so much and helped me improve in everyways.. Wholeheartedly thankyou💞

Now I've officially moved to my own little humble nest located at Choa Chu Kang Ave1 @ near KeatHong Lrt station;) i guess its much convenience for those who always take Mrt😋 Finally no need walk very far le! Hahaha....

Parting from my bukitPanjang was  really hard and sad as we build so much memories there But... is not a GOODBYE, its just a beginning of a New chapter  here💕 Do continue to support me and I promise ill still do my very best to serve better and create much more beautiful Nails and friends😊

xoxo beautify nails

October 27, 2016

Chinese New Year 2017 Booking!

 TnC Apply:
Priority Advance Booking for those who have Appointments from November onwards.
Those who do not have an appointment, booking will open in December.
(Dates subject to availability. First come Basic . While Slots last)
Link for booking information:
BOOK NOW & Secure your slots for Christmas & Chinese new year !
I Look forward to Beautify your Nails this Season :)
Call/Whatsapp Me 81127930 !

December 16, 2015

Chinese New Year 2016!

Link Below to Term n Conditions:

Agree my Terms and BOOK NOW! Call/Whatsapp 81127930

August 8, 2015

concern about your nail biting habits? or plucking habits?

Hi everyone!

This post is all about Nail Habits for Nail biters and Nail pluckers who cant stop!

Have you noticed???
Firstly - Alot of hangnails around the side that looks peeling red and swell?
That is dull to saliver that contact with your nails which had them too dry!

Use cuticle oil to help you!

Next - Your nails will never grow because of serious biting issues and peeling issues, it damages the nailbed and your nails are now very very tiny and small and extremely brittle.

Do a Protective Extension over your nails to prevents from biting or peeling!
It will help you grow your nails and appear healthy too:)

Lastly - Do you think you ll ever have your natural beautiful nails back in shape like everyone else?

YES 100%! Ive done alot of Nailbiter and had successful cure them! And Now they are confident whenever people looked at their nails!

Good luck !
Always remind yourself to never touch your nails! EVER!

I hope the above information Gives hope and help others out there!
Below is a sample of the Before and After protective Extension you may consider!

The Length colour and design can be changed to your preferred! 

March 12, 2015


Thank you Everyone for the Blessings and I've Good News!
Doctor Said is a Success :D
I'm now 3Days From surgery and I am on painkillers but will be fine very Quickly:)
Below are my Available Dates for you! See you all ladies soon!
Availability on 27, 28, 30 ,31Mar & 1April.
^^ Another Update!
I am Away on 4April -9April on a short Get Away too!
Resume Work on 10April onwards.
So Please Make booking in advanced :)
 So much Love.....
Thank you.

March 5, 2015

Closed from 10mar 2015

Hi Everybody

This is to inform you that I'll not be available to take in any slot for the time being as I have nasal polyps and I'm gonna treat it to surgery on 10march, hopefully my recovery will be speedy so I'll start work early too!! All updates on my start of date will be load here ,

thank you for all understanding! Will see you guys soon...

February 19, 2015

Happy 2015 Goat year !

Lucky winner Announce Watch Video

Thank you everybody who have supported me thought out ,
being patience, Thoughtful,
kind and very nice to me,
bringing me food and
so much of laughter at the process!!
I Love my job just by knowing every individuals! 
Ones again I Thank you & I hope you enjoy the mini gifts!!!
Everyone Huat huat arh:D
XoXo Venessa.
Beautify Nails. 

February 4, 2015

January 16, 2015

CNY Stil Availability

Link to View Available slots :D
Seeyou all soon & im Super looking forward to beautify your Nails!
Do continue to Stay Tuned for
CNY Nailart Sets & Surprise Items to Give away to everyone!
Love by Venessa.
contact now 81127930

December 15, 2014


Check out my Link for CNY SLOT Terms & Conditions
& Book NOW!